Frequently asked questions


Do I have to pay for my meals all at once?
No, you will be automatically billed every Friday, before you pick up your meals.   

Do I have to place an order for my meals every week?
No, once you place your initial order, you do not need to re-order each week.  After your initial 4 week commitment, you are automatically placed on a week to week plan. Meals cancelled before the 4 week commitment, will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. 

How do I change, skip, or cancel my order?
If at any time you want to change to a different meal plan, skip a week or weeks, or cancel your order, you must do so by 12:00 pm on the Wednesday before the Sunday pick up day. You can make changes to your plan or cancel it by logging into your account online, or just simply sending us an email at If you need to skip, please contact us by email. 

Can I eat any meal I want at anytime?
Yes! You will receive 15 meals for the week and you can eat them in any order.

Are snacks ok?
Yes, snacks such as celery, blueberries, apples just to name a few are perfectly acceptable. When looking for snacks, look for low calories.  Some things are considered "healthy" yet are high in fat content and packed with calories. Examples: dried fruit and trail mix.

What do I eat on the weekends?
When considering your meals for the weekend, think in moderation. Depending on your plan, you're eating anywhere from 300-500 calories per meal. So when you eat, eat smart, such as vegetables, protein and lean meats. Keep it in perspective: there are 298 calories in only ONE slice of pizza. This is why it's so easy to get off track.

Do I have to work out to do this program?
No, just by changing your eating habits, you will see and feel a difference in your body. You will have more energy throughout the day, and you will sleep better throughout the night, but working out will only enhance this! You will really start to see a physical difference if you are physically active while on our meals. Working out is Not required, yet highly encouraged!

What do I do when I get a craving?
Drink water! Water is your friend. A lot of times we think we are hungry when in fact we just need to fuel up on H2o!

Do you offer delivery?
Currently we do not deliver, pickup only. 

How do I store my meals?
We advise that you freeze at least 4 DAYS worth of meals, on the day you pick them up. Our meals are made fresh and must be frozen to maintain its quality.

Are meals customizable?
Menu items are completely planned for the week.  We offer a paleo plan which is gluten or dairy free. If you have any allergies, please contact us via email ( ) and we will be more than happy to discuss if we can accommodate your needs.

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